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What You CAN Claim

CAUSED BY – Rainwater | Burst Pipe or Flexi Hose | Burst Hot Water Heater | Sewage Overflow | Escape of Liquid.

CAUSED BY – Bushfire | Electrical Faults | Spontaneous Combustion.

CAUSED BY – All Weather Events | Hail | Wind | Snow | Cyclone | Earthquake | Thunderbolt.

CRACKED THROUGH ENTIRE THICKNESS – Window | Cooktop | Sky Light | Mirror | Door Panel | Shower Screen.

CAUSED BY – Vehicle | Trailer | Fallen Tree | External Aerial.

CAUSED BY – Any Lake, or any River, Creek or other natural watercourse, Reservoir, Canal or Dam that has broken it’s banks and released water on to normally dry land.

RESULTING FROM – Power Outage | Motor Burnout | Lightening.

RESULTING FROM – Injured Third Party | Third Party Property Damage.

STRATA POLICIES – Misappropriation of Owners Corporation Funds.

STRATA POLICIES – Malicious Damage | Accidental Damage to Strata Building or Common Property.

What is eClaim

A simple claim form to help report your loss or damage to your Insurance Company.
eClaim is ONE claim form for all Household| Landlord | Renters and Residential Strata Insurance Policies.

How it works

1. Select OWNER or TENANT.
2. Complete the eClaim form.
3.Email to your Insurance Company.
We are unable to report the claim on your behalf at this stage.

Why use eClaim

You have 3 options to report a claim.
1. Call the Insurer and possibly wait on hold.
2. Claim online with the Insurer and get confused with questions.
3. USE ECLAIM! The eClaim form is designed to give you the best chance of settlement.

Claiming is a nightmare!

eClaim takes the stress out of the most important part of claims – The Reporting.
Find out how we can help.

What You CAN NOT Claim
Depreciation, Wear & Tear, Rips, Scuffs, Rust & Corrosion, Malicious Damage or Theft of Insured Property by Insured/Family Member/Visitor/Known Person (residing with permission), Damages from Vermin/Insects/Animals, Damages to Unoccupied Property (more than 60 days unoccupied), Damages to Pipes/Apparatus/Tanks, War/Nuclear/Radioactive/Disease or Terrorism activities, and others as per your Insurer issued Policy Disclosure Document and Coverage Summary. Disclaimer – list above is a general guide only, some variances may apply, please check with your Insurer. You are obligated to truthfully describe details of your loss or damage to your Insurer. Your Insurer will assess your claim and determine the outcome.

eClaim Reviews

I want to thank eClaim for making my claims experience less stressful. When our awning suffered severe hail damage our Strata Manager directed us to report the hail damage online with eClaim. Having never heard of the site before I was a little hesitant, but the process was quick and the questions were relevant to my damages. If I do have to claim again (hopefully not for a while) I will definitely use eClaim.

Strata Unit Owner

My unit recently flooded, I called my Property Manager who arranged a Plumber then I jumped onto eClaim, completed a claim form and attached photos. It was quick and easy to complete and email to my Property Manager.

Strata Unit Tenant

After getting frustrated waiting on hold with my Insurer, I remembered I had heard of eClaim through a friend and decided to give it a try. Was surprised how easy it was to report my claim. Thanks eClaim.


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