How long will it take before my claim is finalised by the Insurance Company?
Insurance Companies aim to finalise claims within 30 days from the date the claim was first reported. All documents, photos and proof to substantiate your loss or damage is required.
How do I determine if I have an Insurable Claim?

If Damage happened suddenly (accidentally) it is Insurable Damage, example;

  • Broken Window due to impact damage from an object.
  • Storm damage to the roof causing the ceiling to leak and damage the flooring.

If Damage happened because a property was not maintained it is NOT Insurable Damage, example;

  • Leaking shower due to damaged waterproof membrane.
  • Rotting wood rail or balcony due to long term weather damage.
Can I request a cash settlement?
Yes you can request the Insurer consider a cash settlement provided you meet the Insurers guidelines. Guideline Example: provide proof (tax invoice/photographs) repairs have been completed before policy renewal.

Advantages of Cash Settlement

  • You can use the cash settlement towards further repair upgrades or a full renovation of the damaged area.
  • You can choose your own Builder or repairer.

Disadvantages of Cash Settlement

  • You are responsible for managing the claim repairs on your own.
  • You are responsible for managing the scope of repair works and paying the Builder or repairer any additional repair variations (costs) that were not taken into account before you cash settled.
  • You are responsible for advising your Insurer when repairs have been completed.
  • Your repairs are not guaranteed by the Insurer.
  • The cash settlement amount might be less then the repair quote.
  • If the same area is damaged again and you make another claim for similar damages, repairs might not be claimable, (if you previously cash settled and used your own repairer). Claim determination is at the Insurers discretion.
How do i substantiate (prove) my loss/damages?

You will be asked to prove ownership of lost Contents and Valuable items. Ownership proof can include;

* Purchase Invoice.

* Photographs or Video.

* Valuation.

If an item is damaged you will be required to prove how it was damaged. Damages proof can include;

* Photographs or Video of Before and After.

* Witness Statement.

* What happened and How it happened?

* Causation Report from a Repairer.

When does the Policy Excess have to be paid to the Insurance Company?

The Insurance Company will advise when the Policy Excess is due. It will be before settlement of the claim is finalised.

My Unit has Water Damage to the ceiling due to a burst pipe in the flooring of the Unit above. Can I report a claim for my damage?

The Property / Strata Manager should report one claim for All Damages sustained from the one event, i.e., Burst Pipe.

Each time a claim is reported with the Insurer the policy excess is applied.

My Insurer has told me I need to claim online using their website. Should I take my chances and lodge directly with my Insurer?

eClaim is not your Insurer which means we provide an unbiased claim form – free from any trick questions. We do not collect your premium so we are impartial with questions regarding details of your loss/damage.

Our form is easily accessible for all persons involved or effected by the loss or damage to the property.

However, If you feel more comfortable reporting your claim direct with the Insurer, please do so.

Remember to always read the Insurer issued Policy Wording before reporting a claim.

Where does my eClaim form go after I click the submit button?

Your eClaim form is sent to the email address you provide on the form.

What if I accidentaly make a mistake on the eClaim form and submit. Can I ask for the form back to correct and re-submit?

Unfortunately once the form is submitted you are unable to retrieve to correct mistakes. Suggest emailing the form to yourself first and then forward to the person who owns/manages the property. 

I did not receive my completed eClaim form to the email address i provided?

If you do not receive the completed eClaim form please contact us via [email protected].

What happens after I complete the eClaim form and send it to my Property / Strata Manager?

Once your eClaim form has been received by your Property / Strata Manager they will be in contact with you to discuss reporting your Insurance Claim with the Insurer.

Can eClaim help me if the Insurer declines my claim?

Unfortunately eClaim is not authorised to help you if the claim has been declined by the Insurer. Please contact your Insurer to find out what their procedure is for making a complaint.

We have step by step guide that might help – click here.

I am not happy with how eClaim has handled my first notice of loss. How can I lodge a complaint?

We’re sorry to hear our service has not met your expectations and we welcome the opportunity to resolve your complaint. Please email us at [email protected] and we will contact you within one business day of your email.

I am a Tenant, can I complete eClaim and email to the Owner for lodgement with the Insurer?

Yes you can!

You should email the eClaim form to the person who is directly responsible for managing the property. If your lease is direct with the Owner, email the Owner. If your lease is through a Property Manager, email the Property Manager. If your’e an Owner or Tenant of a Strata Building either email the Building Manager or Strata Manager.

Can eClaim speak to the Insurer on my behalf?

Unfortunately eClaim is not authorised to speak to the Insurer on your behalf at this point in time.

Who is eClaim and what experience do they have with Insurance Claims?

eClaim is created by a qualified General Insurance Broker with over 20 years experience in the Australian Insurance Industry. If you’re curious to hear more about the eClaim story please follow on instagram, link on homepage.

I haven't heard from my Insurer. I don't know what is happening with my claim?

If the Policy was purchased through Real Estate, Strata Manager or Insurance Broker please contact your assigned person for an update. If the Strata Policy was purchased direct with the Insurer please contact your Insurer.