Words + Meaning


The Person your Insurance Company sends to your Property to assess your claim for Property Damage.

Accidental Damage

Property Damage that happens suddenly and without warning.


Is something you own, such as a Home, Contents or Valuables. 


If you make a Complaint with your Insurer and you are unable to reach resolution, you can contact The Australian Financial Complaints Authority to review your complaint.  

Business Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are business days.


A person who rents a bed or room from the Landlord or Caretaker of the Property and has use of the shared facilities.


A Person(s) who has a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the Owner of the Property being Rented.

Sub Tenant

A Person who lives in Share Housing and rents a bed or room from the Tenant who has a Residential Tenancy Agreement with the Owner of the Property.


A person(s) who arranges short stay accommodation with a Property Owner through a Third Party Booking site.  


A Third Party booking site for Property Owners to Rent out their Property to Guests. 


The Person(s) or registered Company/Trust/Superfund who legally Own the Property.

Insured Property

The Address of the Property Insured on the Insurer issued Policy documents.


A Person(s) who saw the Property Damage happen with their own eyes. 

Third Party

The Person(s) who caused the Property Loss or Damage or, the Person(s) who have been injured or hurt while on the Insured Property.


A report to your Insurer explaining why your policy should compensate you for the loss or damage to your Property.


The amount of Policy cover you have with the Insurance Company.

Cash Settlement

The amount of money the Insurance Company gives you to arrange repair of the Property Damage on your own.


The amount of money you agree to pay the Insurance Company when you make a claim on your Policy.

Settlement is issued by the Insurer to finalise the claim. Settlement can either be money, repairs or replacement of lost or damaged items.
Insurance Broker

A qualified Insurance Broker is a professional who usually works for the Client not the Insurer.

Date Of Loss
The Date the loss or damage happened.
Third Party
A Third Party is not a Policyholder. Third Parties either 1. witness the claim 2. are injured on Insured Property 3. cause damage to Insured Property.
The annual amount of money you pay the Insurer to cover your assets under the Policy.
Strata Plan Number
The original Plan Number issued when the Strata is registered.